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Here is a new offering from Henry Dee which will delight his growing number of followers. He revisits the music of the 60's and 70's, which he earlier explored in his many New York cabaret performances and his last CD, "You On My Mind."

In this new album Henry is breaking through to new levels of soulfulness in his performance. By bringing out the genuine feeling and depth expressed in these songs he reveals how musically sophisticated they are - a challenge to any musician that he eagerly accepts.

Henry and his wonderfully talented team put much thought and effort into the new arrangements, the instrumentation and the back-up vocals to preserve the essence of the originals while bringing a freshness to them that he hopes will work for today.

Henry also breaks through to new levels of understanding of less appreciated artists and songs of the period. He has chosen musical stories that give voice to people who in the face of heartbreak, rejection and pain assert their worth and their hope.

By Wayne McEwing